New APC, Leopards, Small Arms Sales Overseas – PGZ Plans for the 2015 Year

  • Fot. Dominik Mikołajczyk/
    Fot. Dominik Mikołajczyk/

In the upcoming year, the Polish Armament Group [Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa - PGZ] is to continue the operations related to the consolidation processes of the Polish defence industry. The undertaken measures are to make it possible to increase the effective use of the manufacturing potential and the ongoing research and development projects. Modernization of the Leopard 2A4 tanks is to start, works on a new 6x6 wheeled APC are also to begin. Additionally, Polish weaponry is to be sold within the US civil market.

President of the PGZ’s Management Board, Wojciech Dąbrowski, stresses the fact that in 2015 the activity is to be focused on increasing the level of integration of the Companies that became a component of the Pegasus (as the PGZ is sometimes called, due to the pronunciation of the abbreviation in Polish), within the scope of consolidation of the potential accumulated by the Polish defence industry. Dąbrowski notes that one of the goals which has been the basis for the group to be created, was to accelerate realization of some of the projects carried out by the Polish Armed Forces, including the Leopard 2PL or the artillery-related Regina programme. Goal of the latter initiative is to manufacture the “Krab” howitzers.

However, PGZ has been established in order to, besides taking part in the modernization of the Polish Army, untie the “Gordian knots”, such as the Leopard modernization or production of the Krab howitzers.

Wojciech Dąbrowski, PGZ President of the Board

This year the Group wants to increase the effectiveness of the used production potential, which is to be realized by reviewing the capabilities offered by the individual companies. What is more, a coherent financial policy is to be introduced, while ownership supervision over the companies is to be expanded. Moreover, the PGZ authorities want to implement measures which would make it possible to enhance the information exchange processes within the Group. Finally, the management is willing to introduce more organization and order, within the scope of the assets which are being used to realize the R&D activities.

During 2015 we will be focused on the business integration process for our companies. We must use potential of these companies, maintaining the employment, we must fight to achieve top quality and top level of innovation within the range of the offered products.

Wojciech Dąbrowski, PGZ President of the Board

Polish Armament Group plans to starts the works on modernization of the Polish Leopard 2A4, tanks, and to initiate the process of creating a new 6x6 wheeled APC. Activities related to the process of manufacturing the “Krab” howitzers will also be continued, also within the scope of acquisition of the K9 chassis from South Korea, in case of which a relevant contract has been signed last year.

PGZ stresses the fact that works on the new infantry fighting vehicle, “Poprad” VSHORAD system and “Bystra” radars or “Tytan” future soldier system will also be going on. The company mentions the fact that selecting the “Wisła” medium range air defence system supplier, and choosing the contractor who would be responsible for delivering the multi-role helicopters for the Polish Army, would in the end create benefits for the Pegasus, which would stem from realization of both these programmes.

In 2015 the Polish Army will receive, among other armament, 5 thousands of contracted 120 mm sabot rounds and the Rosomak APCs (including the first Rosomaks in their WRT variant). This year, Rak (Cancer) self-propelled mortar development process is to be finished. Deliveries of the TRS-15 radars are still going to be realized. Beyond the Polish borders, Polish Armament Group plans to sell the armament manufactured in the  „Łucznik” – Radom small arms factory, mainly throughout the US civilian market. Beryl carbines will be delivered to Nigeria, and Grom missiles are to be received by the Lithuanian Army. A research vessel for the Göteborg University is also to be handed off for use. In the future, PGZ is going to significantly increase the export sales.

Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa consists of more than  30 companies, which are being active within the fields of armament, shipyards, offshore, high-tech and real property. The company employs several thousands of employees, and yearly turnover is shaped at the level of ca. PLN 5 billion. Last year, after the operational activities have been stated, agreement has been signed, aim of which is to purchase license for manufacturing of chassis for the “Krab” howitzers from South Korea. Additionally, a consortium has been created, which is to offer the solutions for the “Narew” SHORAD system. The Group has been invited by the Armament Inspectorate to participate in the technical dialogue within that scope. Polish Armament Group also created offers, regarding the following projects of the Armed Forces modernization: armoured weapons, naval modernization UAV’s and within the missile programme.




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