New President of the Autosan Company

Photo: J. Reszczyński.
Photo: J. Reszczyński.

Michał Stachura Appointed to Become the President of the Management Board at the Autosan Company Belonging to the PGZ Group.

On 31st May this year, Marek Opowicz stopped to act as the President of the Management Board of the Autosan Sp. z o. o. company. The Supervisory Board thanked him for the effort made in the transition period that began directly after the company was acquired by the PIT-RADWAR and HSW entities, belonging to the Polish Armaments Group (PGZ Group). On the same day, Autosan’s Supervisory Board has appointed Michał Stachura to become the company’s President of the Management Board.

The acquisition of the Autosan company by PIT-RADWAR and HSW ended up in conclusion of a relevant agreement covering the procedure on 30th March last year, with the value of the contract estimated at the level of PLN 17.3 million. On the occasion of signing the contract it was stressed that one of the main goals of the said agreement is to create a production potential at the Autosan facility to manufacture vehicles, for the purposes tied to modernization of the Polish Armed Forces. On the verge of November and December, PGZ, Autosan and Raytheon have all signed a letter of intent pertaining to collaboration tied to the Wisła medium range air defence programme.

PGZ places an emphasis on the reasons that have led to the changes at the position of the President of the Board of the Autosan company, pointing to the necessity to introduce a modified management model and to integrate the company with other entities that are included in the composition of the PGZ. Secondly, the change would facilitate the process in which the facility would be prepared for performing the work pertaining to new tasks. 

Michał Stachura has graduated from the Faculty of Cybernetics of the Military University of Technology. He has gathered his professional experience related to management working at private companies of the IT sector. Starting from the year 2010 he has been working as the acting President of the Board and the President of the Board at the aforesaid companies, among other, managerial positions.  He has also gathered several years of experience, working at the public finances sector entities.

The new President of the Autosan company has also obtained a post-graduate management degree at the Rzeszów University of Technology. At the Warsaw Management University (which is collaborating with the Apsley Business School of London) he has obtained his MBA degree, with a title of Executive Master of Business Administration.