Special Operations Forces

One Million Of Non-Ricocheting Bullets For GROM – One Of The Polish Special Forces Units

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    Planet Explorer Beta, Ilustracja: Progea 4D

GROM – one of the Polish Special Forces Units – started a tender, the aim of which is to procure one million non-ricocheting 5.56 x 45 mm NATO rounds. The offer placing deadline expires on 8th June this year.

The 5.56 mm NATO ammunition is used with carbines such as the US M4 and its modified HK416D variants, as well as in the FN Minimi machine guns, all of which are utilized by the GROM [Eng. for Thunder] unit. The rounds mentioned above are specialized – their purpose is to minimize the ricocheting risk and the risk of penetrating the obstacles, such as the walls of the buildings.

This type of non-ricocheting ammunition is used in specific circumstances such as the CQB (Close Quarters Battle) operations or when the fights are being carried out inside the buildings, particularly in the urbanized areas, when some collateral damage may occur once the bullet penetrates the wall or ricochets from an obstacle.

The offers meeting the technical criteria will be assessed within the scope of finances in a weighted manner – 80% of weight is to be focused on the price and 20% on the delivery deadline. The tender is to be concluded between 20th July and 30th November this year.