One Thousand Soldiers of the Russian Reconnaissance Units Training Close to the NATO Border

Western Military District of the Russian Federation, neighbouring the NATO territory, became an arena for an exercise undertaken by the Russian reconnaissance elements. More than a thousand troops train a variety of surveillance, ambush, observation, covert movement and other tactics, usually used behind the enemy lines. 

The operation in question, realized in a form of a number of training camps, began within the training ranges in the Leningrad, Nizhny Novogrod, Moscow, Woronezh and Kursk districts. The operations involve more than 1000 soldiers of the reconnaissance units from the Western Military District, and the whole exercise is going to last for ca. one month.

This is the most intensive and demanding type of training, as the soldiers are involved in the operations up to 24 hours per day. The basic elements trained within the course include typical reconnaissance tactics, including data collection, establishment of observation posts, forward air controlling, camouflage and covert movement. The troops will also go through special survival training, in the wild, as well as behind the enemy lines. Special obstacle courses will also be a part of the programme.

The whole training is going to be finalized by an operation in which the Russian reconnaissance units will play a role of the enemy commandos, operating against the conventional units of the Western Military District. Their job will be to defeat the patrol elements and support units, and destroy the key infrastructure maintained by the mock enemy.