PCO and the Agreement Related to the Equipment for the Territorial Defence

PCO S.A. company has signed an agreement with the Armament Inspectorate, concerning the procurement of optronic products for the Polish Army.

The event which took at the Military Institute of Armament Technology in Zielonka also involved the Polish Defence Minister, Antoni Macierewicz.

On behalf of PCO S.A., the agreement was signed by the Company’s President, Ryszard Kardasz, and by a Board Member and Technical Director, Stanisław Natkański. On behalf of the Armament Inspectorate, on the other hand, the contract was concluded by the I Deputy Head of the Armament Inspectorate, Col. Piotr Imański.

I am happy that (...) we have signed an agreement with the Armament Inspectorate, and that we will be able to use our knowledge and potential, for the purpose of further production of devices for the Polish Army. I have received the information from Defence Minister Antoni Macierewicz, stating that the equipment would be used by the Territorial Defence units, with a deep satisfaction.

Ryszard Kardasz, President of the Board - PCO S.A.

The individual pieces of optronic equipment ordered from the PCO S.A. company are to be used, among other elements, also by the Polish Territorial Defence forces.

After the agreement has been signed at the Military Institute of Armament Technology, a demonstration of the equipment manufactured by the Polish defence industry took place. PCO S.A. has showcased its most important products, including the SCT “Rubin” Thermal Vision sight and PNL--2ADM “Szpak” NVG system.