PCO Summing Up The Year 2015

  • Fot. W. Repetowicz
    Fot. W. Repetowicz

PCO S.A. company has summed up the year 2015. Ryszard Kardasz, President of the company, discussed the key projects and events that took place throughout the last 12 months.

According to Kardasz’s opinion, the previous year was a period, within which the company managed to dynamically develop, focusing on the thermal vision technologies. PCO S.A. managed to develop the first Polish thermal vision binoculars, NPL-1T AGAT. Moreover, a modification kit for the thermal imaging system of the Polish PT-91 Tanks has been developed, on the basis of the expertise gathered when the KLW-1 ASTERIA camera was being designed. Periscope thermal vision sight for the T-72 tank is also being now offered by the company, under the name PCT-72.

PCO products are being appreciated by the experts and professionals, which has been proven by the fact that the ASTERIA camera received the Defender award, during the 23rd MSPO defence expo. PNL-2ADM “SZPAK” night vision goggles were also awarded with “Quality of the YearGold” award, “BCC European Medal”, and with the 1st Prize in the National Security Leader competition, organized by the Association of Suppliers of the Equipment For the Uniformed Services.

Another success of the company led by Kardasz is seen in the fact that the PCO offer has been selected in the proceedings, the aim of which is to tailor the KLW-1 Asteria camera to be operated within the DNRS-288 sight of the Hitfist 30P turret, used with the Rosomak APC.

“TYTAN” Advanced Battle Suite is also one of the most significant projects involving the PCO company during the year 2015. The project’s goal is to create a future advanced individual equipment suite for the troops, consisting of six subsystems: armament, C4IS, observation and reconnaissance suites, protective devices, carrying system and uniforms. The works pertaining the TYTAN system have been going on in line with the plan. In June last year eight TYTAN suite models have been tested by the Military University of Technology. Moreover, a seminar involving the representatives of the Ministry of Defence took place in September. The progress of works was presented, with detailed information pertaining the individual elements of the system, along with the research conclusions and proposals of changes, regarding the existing requirements. The above means that the initial stage of the programme has been finalized, leading to the process of establishing the tactical and technical requirements, the system is to meet.

As it was noted by the President, the fact that PCO S.A., in cooperation with the Military University of Technology, Polish Technological Platform on Photonics, and the Warsaw University of Technology, has also been organizing the first conference which is going to cover the area of the optronic devices, was also a very important event for the company. The conference has been organized under the name of “Optronics For National Security and For The Security Of The Citizens”. The said conference, organized in Poland for the first time in history, covered the issues related to optronic devices, including thermal vision and photonics. These areas belong to the key technologies of the European Union, according to the Europe 2020 strategy.

The event involved the representatives of the defence industry, universities of technologies, research and scientific institutes, Ministry of Defence and of the Polish Army.