PCO Thermal Vision Camera for the Rosomak APC Receives the Defender Award

During the MSPO 2016 defence exhibition, PCO S.A received the Defender Prize, an expression of approval for the best products manufactured by the Polish defence industry.The prize has been awarded for development of the KLW-1R “Asteria” thermal vision camera, the purpose of which is to be used onboard the Rosomak wheeled APC.

KLW-1R “Asteria” camera, which has been awarded with the Defender prize, is a modified variant of the KLW-1 device, adopted for being installed on the Rosomak wheeled APC. The new sensor replaced the TILDE FC cameras that have been used in case of the Rosomak platform so far.

The camera is proposed to be applied both within the scope of a potential upgrade for the existing Rosomaks, as well as in case of the new vehicles which are to feature the ZSSW-30 unmanned turret modules. 

The device utilizes a high quality cooled III generation detector. KLW-1R also offers an option of selecting the analysis field for the imagery automation systems.

The Defender award received during the XXIV International Defence Industry Exhibition by the manufacturer of the KLW-1R Asteria camera constitutes an expression of gratitude concerning the technical solutions which are dedicated to be used in the field of defence and security.