PGZ and Raytheon Continue Cooperation Related to Wisła Programme

Photo: Raytheon.
Photo: Raytheon.

President of the Polish Armaments Group (PGZ), Błażej Wojnicz, along with the PGZ board members, has met the President of the Raytheon company, Thomas A. Kennedy.

During the meeting, the Parties have confirmed their will to collaborate, within the framework of the Wisła Medium Range Air Defence Programme. As a result of the aforesaid initiative, the Polish Armed Forces are expected to receive air and missile defence systems.

President of the Raytheon company has confirmed Raytheon’s will to establish a comprehensive and full range of capabilities in Poland, and to construct a certain potential, within the scope of sovereign servicing and lifecycle management for the Patriot system, should the said solution be selected by the Polish Ministry of Defence as the one to be acquired.

Patriot air/missile defence system is expected to be delivered by Raytheon for the Wisła programme, within the framework of the Foreign Military Sales procurement procedure, in collaboration with the US government. During the talks which took place on 17th February, the schedule for preparation of the legally required documents was accepted, with the said documents being needed in line with the offset-agreement implementation regulations.

PIT-Radwar S.A. company, which is a part of the Polish Armaments Group is, at the moment, at the stage of finalizing a contract, the goal of which would be to deliver the IFF antennas for the Patriot air/missile defence systems.