PGZ Creates a Supply and Maintenance Centre For Aircraft Ground Support Equipment

Image Credit: J. Sabak
Image Credit: J. Sabak

Agreement has been signed in Kielce, by and between six companies of the PGZ Group, concerning the cooperation within the scope of establishing a centre which would deliver and maintain aircraft ground support equipment.

According to the Polish Armaments Group, the centre which would become and integral part of the WCBKT Central Military Bureau of Design and Technology entity, would be tasked with carrying out the work of comprehensively securing the operations undertaken by the Polish Armed Forces in the area of accessibility and serviceability of the GSE-class hardware for all of the operated aircraft. The concept of establishing the centre was a result of joint effort undertaken by the Leadership of the Aviation Branch of the Support Inspectorate of the Polish Armed Forces and the Air (Aviation) Platforms Bureau of the PGZ.

The agreement has been signed by the representatives of the Central Military Bureau of Design and Technology, PZL-Kalisz facility, as well as WZL No. 1, WZL No. 2, WZL No. 4 and WZE entities.

The agreement signed today, by and between all of the aviation-focused PGZ companies, exhibits the level of synergy that may be unleashed, by making a proper use of the Group’s R&D potential.

Member of the board of the Polish Armaments Group, Adam Lesiński.

As he added, securing the operation of the ground support equipment for all of the Polish military aircraft requires an internal collaboration to be established, with a lot of effort made by the parties involved. However, Lesinski said that he beliefs that achieving that goal is within reach of the Group.