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PGZ Openly Welcomes The TAI Attack Helicopter Offer

  • Ilustracja: Orbital ATK
    Ilustracja: Orbital ATK

Turkish Aerospace Industries carried out a workshop, in collaboration with the Polish Armament Group, covering the cooperation within the scope of realization of the Kruk (Raven) programme, should the T129 ATAK helicopter offer be selected, within that tender. The meeting involved 15 entities from Turkey and Poland.

Turkish Aerospace Industries declares that the company is willing to use the Polish industrial potential, within the process of enhancing the capabilities in possession of the T129 ATAK helicopters. According to the information provided by the Turkish company, it is assumed that tailoring the helicopter to the specific requirements of the Polish Army is going to be carried out, through involvement of the Polish companies in the supply chain pertaining the helicopter.

At the moment, the Turkish company carries out the relevant research, defining the scope of collaboration. Turkish Aerospace Industries stresses, that the company is open to cooperate with the Polish Armament Group, noting that the PGZ involvement related to the Kruk programme, or any other programmes, is going to be directed in a way which would be maximally beneficial for the Polish economy and defence. TAI also declares that the company has gathered a lot of expertise in realizing some initiatives with the local entities.

T129 ATAK helicopter, in its basic variant, has been already delivered for the Turkish Army and it is currently being used operationally. T129B multi-role variant of ATAK is offered for the Polish Armed Forces – this variety is tailored to carry guided armament. The “B” variant has Mizrak-U/UMTAS ATGMs at its disposal. The weapon has a range of 8 kilometers. The helicopter’s payload may also include the laser guided 70 mm Cirit Missiles or Stinger AAMs.

T129B ATAK may also be integrated with other armament, such as the Hellfire or Spike ATGMs. M197 20 mm cannon constitutes the fixed ordnance of the helicopter. ATAK features a 1361 HP LHTEC CTS 800-4A motor, driving the five-bladed rotor. The additional equipment kit includes the Turkish integrated Aircraft Mission & Management System (AMMS), consisting of a laser targeting device, TV camera, FLIR system and new helmets for the crew.