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PGZ Submits Its Initial Miecznik Programme Offer

Image: M. Dura/
Image: M. Dura/

Consortium established to procure three frigates in the Miecznik programme, led by the PGZ Group, has submitted its preliminary bid form, describing the acquisition proposal regarding the aforesaid warships. The document lists six solutions based on platform designs provided by the foreign partners, the PGZ announced.

The PGZ-MIECZNIK consortium includes the PGZ Group (acting as the leader) and PGZ Stocznia Wojenna Sp. z o.o. (PGZ SW). According to the memorandum made, the Gdansk-based private Remontowa Shipbuilding shipyard would also join the programme at the next stage. The facility is currently working, jointly with the PGZ Group, on the Kormoran II MCMV programme. The consortium has submitted the preliminary bid form, with a set of documents describing the proposed platforms, systems and subsystems configurations for the future vessels, and pricing estimates.

Within the framework of the negotiation with the foreign partners, we have received six frigate design proposals, with preliminary platform costs calculations, including the integrated combat system. The offers, apart from the project, also cover the transfer of production technologies and knowledge, that would make it possible for us to complete the project in Poland.

Sebastian Chwałek, President of the Management Board at PGZ S.A. 

In the interview with PGZ's Cezary Cierzan said that five invited companies have submitted their offers. This means that at least one shipyard placed more than one offer.

The primary Miecznik programme assumption is that three modern surface combatants are procured for the Polish Navy. Multi-role vessels of the class would provide the Navy with operational capability to accomplish naval missions. This, as PGZ emphasizes, would provide shipping and military security, and also create a deterrence potntial, also boosting the reputation of Poland in the international arena. The new vessels would replace the OHP frigates operated by the Polish Navy. They are expected to be capable of acting against the surface, air, and submerged threats.