Pirat ATGM Precisely Hits the Target: Tests Success

Image Credit: PGZ
Image Credit: PGZ

PGZ Group announced that it has successfully tested the Pirat ATGM developed by Mesko working with Telesystem-Mesko, among other entities. The Pirat missile is being offered by PGZ in the Polish Pustelnik procurement programme.

The tests involved test launches of the Pirat missile and verified the functioning of the guidance system, with the use of the LPC-1 designator. They have been carried out at the range in Nowa Dęba, on Wednesday, 15th July. The tests were to verify the operation of the Polish sustainer and launch motors and assess the guidance accuracy at distances of 500 and 2,400 meters.

The tests have resulted in complete success. The results did confirm the full functionality of the domestically-developed rocket motors and the accuracy that the guidance system provides - in field conditions.

Pirat meets the requirements and expectations expressed by the Polish Armed Forces multiple times, within the context of the Pustelnik program for instance, where Pirat remains the primary solution that is offered by us. We are currently finalizing the project, getting ready to launch the manufacturing capacity next year.

Gabriel Nowina-Konopka, Vice-President of the Management Board at MESKO S.A.

Pirat is a light ATGM developed by the Polish defence industry. The project is led by Mesko S.A. Pirat uses a laser guidance system developed jointly with CRW Telesystem-Mesko. The digital guidance system is fully controlled by the Polish industry and it allows the user to conduct direct (frontal) and top-attack engagements - this extends the missile’s performance envelope when it is employed against heavy armour, or even main battle tanks. Pirat is characterized by high resistance to enemy countermeasures.

We do hope that, due to its performance and development of the domestic manufacturing capacity, PIRAT would become the first choice for the Polish Armed Forces. MESKO’s experience in supplying ATGMs to the land forces, as well as the successes in R&D projects, such as Pirat, constitute confirmation of our expertise in this area.

Gabriel Nowina-Konopka, Vice-President of the Management Board at MESKO S.A.

Pirat is an effector guided towards light reflected from the target, and it is a member of a larger family of munitions, also including APR precision munitions in two calibres: 155 mm for the Krab/Kryl self-propelled howitzers and 120 mm for the Rak self-propelled mortars. The guidance systems of the Pirat ATGM and the two aforesaid munition types are fully compatible, which allows the user to adjust and select the means used to neutralize the specific target.

Image Credit: PGZ


LPC-1 laser target designator is required for the munitions to function efficiently. The system is a product resulting from a joint R&D project executed by Mesko S.A. in collaboration with CRW Telesystem Mesko. The laser beam is encoded and exhibits full NATO compliance. The above makes it possible to use the system during joint allied operations, as the allied fire control systems remain compatible with the missile.

The project is pursued by Mesko S.A. working with the Military Military University of Technology, CRW Telesystem Mesko, and the foreign partner - the DKKB Luch business from Ukraine. The whole undertaking is in its final stages now. Tests carried out at the Military Institute of Armament Technology range in Nowa Dęba were to confirm the correctness of the assumptions adopted and to verify the R&D solutions applied in practice.