PIT-RADWAR And the “Days of the Industry”

Image Credit: PIT-RADWAR.
Image Credit: PIT-RADWAR.

PIT-RADWAR company has participated it yet another edition of the “Days of the Industry” event, organized with as a themed meeting, covering the “Polish Armed Forces and Polish Defence Industry as a part of the Polish National Security Strategy” The event in question has been coordinated by the Department of Armament Policy of the Polish Ministry of Defence.

The event involved, among other officials, the representatives of the Polish General Command of the Armed Forces, General Staff of the Polish Army, Departments of the Polish Ministry of Defence, research facilities and institutes, and officials hailing from a number of domestic defence industry entities.

The “Days of the Industry” [Dni Przemysłu] create an area for a debate to take place, between the representatives of the industry, scientific circles and the MoD. The meeting also forms a channel for transferring the MoD’s requirements concerning the involvement of the domestic defence companies in the process of technical modernization of the Polish Armed Forces, also within the scope of utilizing the industrial potential and support within the whole EU.

The thematic scope of this year’s edition of the conference covered the priority directions for modernization of the Polish Army, initiatives pursued on the European forum, opportunities for the Polish defence industry, marketing of the offer and export of the products of the Polish defence industry.

During the conference, PIT-RADWAR company has been showcasing its latest product offer.