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Plan of Action within the Scope of the National Security for Poland

According to the declaration included in exposé by Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz, government’s works on the Plan of reinforcing the national security have been finished – as the Ministry of Defence of Poland informs.

Document has been passed to Prime Minister Kopacz on 28th November and it will probably be the subject of meeting of the National Security Council. Ewa Kopacz has stated that the plan will be created in her exposé. Most probably scope of the plan includes, inter alia reinforcement of military units which are stationed in the Eastern part of Poland, which has been mentioned earlier by the Minister of Defence, Tomasz Siemoniak.

The plan was developed not only by the MoD but also by Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Economy, Infrastructure and Development, Science and Higher Education, Health, Finances, Foreign Affairs and Administration and Digitalisation. The plan defines “the complete approach towards the issue of security of Poland”.

Entries in the document indicate the areas of systemic solutions and mark the main directions of activity within the scope of reinforcing the Polish security system, particularly the defence system. Due to the fact that the plan contains detailed information which are sensitive within the scope of the state interest, the document is confidential – as the Polish MoD informs.