Land Forces

Poland Deploys Langusta Rocket Artillery Systems to Latvia

The Polish soldiers have joined an international exercise involving their allies, with an intention to perfect and refine the skills remaining at their disposal. Forces and assets have been deployed by the 11th “Mazurski” Artillery Regiment, to take part in training in Latvia.

According to Cpt. Rafal Ługiewicz, the core of the detached assets is based upon the 7th Rocket Artillery Battery, equipped with the WR-40 “Langusta” launchers. The rocket artillery specialists were sent to Latvia by the Acting Commander of the 11th Artillery Regiment Lt. Col. Piotr Ciepliński, wishing them a lot of training successes and a safe trip back.

The element commanded by Cpt. Tomasz Cichecki, once it reaches the Latvian village of Adazi, would begin a 1-month long preparatory training cycle aimed at force integration, which would be a stage preceding the CERTEX exercise, scheduled to be held during the last week of August, in collaboration with the NATO battalion battle group.

Latvia also hosts a Polish “Łotwa” [Latvia] military deployment, formed by elements of the 9th “Braniewska” Armoured Cavalry Brigade and of the 1st “Pomeranian” Logistical Brigade hailing from Bydgoszcz, with 170 Polish troops involved. PT-91 Twardy main battle tanks are the primary armament of that unit which is a part of the NATO Multinational Battalion Battle Group, deployed to Latvia as a part of the Enhanced Forward Presence initiative.