Armed Forces

Poland has spent PLN 8.27 billion on Defence Modernization in 2014

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Tomasz Siemoniak, Minister of Defence of Poland, has stated that the Polish government spent PLN 8.27  billion on the process of technical modernization of the Armed Forces throughout 2014, which equals to 99.5% of the plan for the recent year.

Head of the MoD stated, via his Twitter account, that 8.27 billion zlotys (approx. USD 2,35 billion) have been used to implement the Army modernization process which. It is the highest amount used for that purpose ever since. According to Siemoniak, 99.5% of the plan has been successfully implemented, in relation to the assets allocated to the modernization activities, which constitued 26% of the whole budget which the MoD had at its disposal.

According to the budget bill, generally slightly more than PLN 32 billion were to be spent on defence in 2014. Agreements related to procurement of the M346 Master aircraft, equipment for the second Naval Missile Squadron or JASSM cruise missiles which are to become armament of the F-16 fighters, along with a modernization bundle for the Polish Vipers.