Poland to Modify its Radar Assets in the Air Defence Domain

NUR-41 radar. Image: 3BRT
NUR-41 radar. Image: 3BRT

According to the announcement made by the Wałcz 1st Regional Logistics Base, limited and accelerated procurement processes have been launched, to modernize two types of self-propelled radars. The upgrades shall be carried out between 2021 and 2022.

Each of the procurement processes would also be taking place between 2021 and 2022. As the Official Journal of the European Union states, the accelerated procedure is to ensure the continuity of operation of radars embedded within the NATO NATINADS (Integrated Air and Missile Defence) system, and the SHORAD air defence system in Poland - to exchange air picture information between the VSHORAD and SHORAD assets.

The former pertains to overhauls and upgrades of the RW-32 Radar (NUR-41 "Bożena") and its software. The radar uses the Tatra 815 or Star 266 as the base platform, with one- or twin-axle trailers. It works as a radar altimeter, that determines the altitude of the incoming object, at a range of up to 360 kilometers. Coupled with the NUR-31 "Justyna" coordinates radars, the systems jointly determine where the objects are in 3-dimensional airspace.

In the case of the aforesaid procurement, offers may be submitted by 6th September, 10.30 AM. They would be opened at 11.00 AM.

The second procurement procedure launched a few days later, would involve the modification of two RT-22 (NUR-22) "Izabela" radars integrated on the Tatra 815 radars. The work is also to cover the radars' software. NUR-22 is a 3D radar that can detect airborne targets at a distance of up to 100 kilometers, flying at the altitude of 7 thousand meters.

In the case of this procurement, any entities willing to place their offer need to submit their bids before 8th September, 9.30 AM.

In both cases, price (weight of 90), and guarantee period (weight of 10) would be the decisive criteria for selection. The implementation term for both procurements should be no longer than 12 months, from the date of the conclusion of the agreement. Both radars have been manufactured by the Polish PIT-RADWAR company.