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Poles, Americans and Lithuanians Involved in a Joint Military Exercise In Lithuania

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    fot. wikimedia.

US, Polish and Lithuanian soldiers are going to participate in a joint exercise carried out at the Lithuanian Rukla and Gaižiūnai firing ranges. The goal of the exercise is to coordinate defensive and offensive operations and tactics.

On 11th August an allied exercise began within the area of the Rukla firing range, involving the soldiers of the Polish 17th Mechanized Brigade, US 1st Armoured Brigade being a part of the 3rd Infantry Division and of the Lithuanian “Iron Wolf” Mechanized Brigade.

The goal of the exercise, involving 1300 soldiers, including 130 troops hailing from Poland, is to coordinate the operations of the aforesaid elements in defensive and offensive scenarios with the use of heavy equipment, such as the M1 Abrams main battle tanks, Bradley IFVs or Rosomak APCs. According to the scenario of the training activities, the Lithuanian units, together with the foreign partners, will be fighting against each other.

The exercise of the US and Polish elements carried out at the Rukla firing range on 11th August, during which joint storming of the urban structures was a part of the training, also involving the Black Hawk helicopters, along with the defensive live fire training, both constitute a part of the “Strong Husar” field exercise. The exercise, according to the assumptions, is to last until 26th August.