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Polish Armed Forces to Test Counter-UAS Systems

Image Credit: Pixabay
Image Credit: Pixabay

The Operational Command of the Armed Forces is organizing the fourth edition of tests of Counter-UAS systems (systems for detection, as well as countermeasures). All parties qualified will be given one day to deploy, ready, and test their solutions. The undertaking is scheduled to happen between September and October.

Operational Command of the Armed Forces, Internal Security Agency, Military Counterintelligence, Police, State Protection Service, Border Guard, and Military Police act as the organizing parties, for the Counter-UAS systems tests. As the above list shows, the military is not the only entity interested in detection, counteracting, and neutralization of UAS (kinetic, or non-kinetic). Other uniformed services have also expressed their interest in the matter.

Verifying the actual capabilities of the currently available counter-UAS systems, within the scope of detecting and acting against UAS has been listed as the main objective of the test endeavor. This is an extension of the previous stages that were organized earlier this year, and last year as well. The test programme had been launched last year, and it was conditioned by the necessity to develop counter-UAS technology on the Polish market, created by a sudden increase of popularity and threat posed by UAVs operated by armed forces around the world, uniformed services, or by non-state actors.

To participate in the test programme, one needs to be a manufacturer of or dealer of a comprehensive counter-UAS system that can act against micro-, and mini-UAVs. Should this condition be met, one can submit a request that is attached to the announcement, and send it to the Air Defence department of the Operational Command of the Armed Forces ([email protected]). Fax can also be used: +48 261-855-896. The forms need to be sent before 30th June 2021. Nonetheless, entities not qualified in the fourth edition may still apply in the future. 

The Central Air Force Training Range in Ustka would be the venue for the Counter-UAS systems tests event, which is scheduled to take place between 27th September and 1st October. The Operational Command of the Polish Armed Forces has revealed some details tied to the event as well.

First, conditions would be simulated in which a single object would need to be protected by a system allowing for detection/neutralization of UAS platforms. The organizers would handle the air operations, involving a broad range of control methods, whereas the route would be arranged in a way that the simulated threat would be moving towards the protected object. Furthermore, both kinetic, as well as non-kinetic counter-UAS systems would be tested.

Furthermore, one day would be provided to prepare and carry out extra tests of the counter-UAS solution. At the same time, it has been noted that all entities qualified to participate in stage IV would face homogeneous and just conditions, time- and terrain-wise. The participants would be separated, not to disclose trade or company secrets.

More importantly, the tests are aimed at estimating the potential the individual solutions may have in Counter-UAS scenarios, and at broadening the organizers’ knowledge for the purpose of any public procurement that may be taking place in the future. The organizers reserve a right to keep the test results obtained by a team formed by the representatives of the uniformed services confidential. The same goes for the requirements defined for the systems tested. One needs to stress that the event is not a part of any ongoing public procurement process.