Polish Army Acquires “Śnieżnik 2” Simulator

Military Institute of Armament Technology informed that a company which is to deliver the Śnieżnik 2 training system has been selected. Autocomp Management Research and Development Center based in Stettin, the manufacturer of the system, is became the contractor, within the scope of the aforementioned procedure. “Śnieznik 2” system is being used to simulate live-fire in battlefield conditions, making it possible to train the troops both individually, as well as in a variety of team settings.

Military Institute of Armament Technology based in Zielonka concluded the public procurement procedure, the aim of which was to select a supplier for the “Śnieżnik 2” system. The selected company – Autocomp Management Research and Development Centre based in Stettin, who is the manufacturer of the device – will deliver, set up and activate the aforementioned training system at the Institute’s seat.

The Contractor has been selected on the basis of the most cost-effective offer, in case of which two criteria were considered – price (weight of 90) and delivery deadline (weight of 10). The public procurement realized as an open procedure, the aim of which was to deliver, assemble and initiate that simulator, was announced on 3rd September 2015.

The initial, estimated general value of the order has been determined as PLN 1.06 million (excluding the Value Added Tax).

Śnieżnik 2 device simulates battlefield shooting situations, its purpose is to provide training for both individual soldiers, as well as for a variety of formations. The system is being operated using a video projection on a large format screen. The trained troops use training weaponry to response to the situations displayed on the screen. The several square kilometers area within which the virtual exercise is carried out makes it possible for the simulator operator to create realistic situations tailored to the training which is being carried out, with the use of a ready database containing 3D terrain objects, vehicles and visual and acoustic effects.

The trained troops use the training weapons based on combat weaponry equipped with laser modules and pneumatic reloading system. It is also possible to use optical and electronic sights. The simulator takes into account the phenomena occurring when the weapon is being fired, on the basis of the virtual bullets following the realistic trajectories, based on the profiles of the real equipment and ammunition, and on a 3D terrain model. Environmental factors are also taken into account, including wind, elevation differences, air humidity, type of the propellant and fuse settings.