Polish Army Purchases Tank Transporters

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The Armament Inspectorate has launched a procedure of technical dialogue within the scope of acquiring heavy load transport vehicles. The new platform is to be characterized with a load capacity of 70 tonnes.

The technical dialogue is to include, among other issues, assessment off the initial requirements,  estimated acquisition, operation and withdrawal costs and time-frame for the planned purchase. Three more issues are to be defined, namely, the assumptions related to the logistics, safety of the supplies and training.

According to the information received from the Inspectorate, the new vehicles are to be based on 8x8 trucks, there must be an option available to provide additional armour to the cockpit and fuel tanks, at least up to the level 1 of the STANAG 4569 norm within the scope of ballistic- and anti-mine-protection. What is more the new vehicles need to be able to transport at least 4-persons in the cabin,  both in armoured as well as in non-armoured variants. Range on surface roads is to be at least as long as 450 km, while the load capacity – not less than 70 tonnes.

New tank-transport vehicles are to be able to go through water obstacles with depth of up to 0.75 metre without any preparation and up to 1.5 metres with preparation. The tractors shall also be able to go over 35% slopes, while the power to weight ratio of the engine shall be not smaller than 3.5 kW per tonne.

What is more, the lighting system used on the vehicles is to be compatible with night-vision devices. Additional equipment includes, inter alia, 2 winches that would facilitate loading the load with a weight of 70 tonnes, cabin with a roof hatch that would facilitate mounting a turnable mount and tyre inserts that would make run-flat operation possible.

The technical dialogue propositions are to be placed until 16th January 2015, and the procedure is to be carried out on 30th March 2015, however this date may be changed when the goals defined by the subject of the technical dialogue are met. Information on prolongation of the deadline will be available to the subjects which take part in the procedure.