Armed Forces

Polish Army Would Accept Volunteers Willing To Take Part The In Military Training

Starting from 1st March, each man who is obliged in line with the general defence obligation, may voluntarily report to the military recruitment office having jurisdiction over the place he lives, in order to place request regarding the military training. Same path can be taken by the women interested in military training – as the Polish Ministry of Defence informs.

Polish MoD specifies the fact that the proposition regarding the preparation service is targeted at the persons who are aged 18 to 50, and who have not been serving in the Armed Forces earlier. These persons would be volunteers. At the same time, members of the reserve forces may also report themselves for duty. They would be requested to take part in relevant training exercises.

Reserve soldiers (privates younger than 50 years old and non-commissioned officers and officers – up to 60 years old), who have no mobilisation assignment, will be assigned to a proper unit and will be asked to participate in a training programme, in line with their military speciality. Reserve soldiers who are duly assigned will be sent to their mother-units.

As we have mentioned it above, declarations may be also placed by men and women, who are 18 to 50 years old, who have never been in the military service. In such case, the volunteers would be qualified for preparatory service.

Volunteers shall report to the Military Recruitment Offices or Voivodeship Military HQ’s.