Polish Army's Jaśmin ICT System to be modernized by the Teldat Company

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Teldat Sp. z o.o sp. k. company based in Bydgoszcz was awarded with a contract to modernize the KTSAwp Integrated ICT Nodes of the Jaśmin communication systems.

The agreement concluded by the Wałcz 1st Regional Logistics Base with the Teldat company assumes that the integrated KTSAwp ICT nodes would me modified within the period between 2016 and 2017, in line with the “Complementary data”, transferred to the entities invited to participate in the negotiations.

The order was awarded, without prior announcement of the procurement in the Official Journal of the European Union, within the framework of the proceedings carried out as a single-source procurement, realized through inviting the representatives of the Teldat Sp. z o.o sp. k. company from Bydgoszcz to take part in the negotiations. According to the clarification provided by the Ordering Party, such procedure was selected, due to the fact that the “service, in the light of its specialized and specific technological profile, may only be carried out by a single Contractor, i.e.Teldat Sp. z o.o. sp.k”.

Teldat company is the author and the sole owner of the technical documentation of the Jaśmin suites, and, according to the declarations made by the company, “there are no plans to sell this documentation and the exclusive rights thereof to the third parties until the end of 2018”. The documentation has been developed at the company back in 2010, after a request was submitted by the General Management for Command and Communications P–6, and it was consulted with the 7th Military District Representation from, Bydgoszcz, and the Chief of the Management for Command and Communications of the Land Force Command.

Thus, modification of the Jaśmin suites may only be carried out by the Teldat company which, according to the Ordering Party, “has gained a considerable amount of experience, knowledge and has a high potential within the scope of carrying out repairs and servicing the devices that are the subject of the order (...) the company also developed and is in possession of the technical documentation of the Integrated KTSAwp ICT Nodes of the Jaśmin system, and it has also been a service provider, regarding the services that are a subject of the herein proceedings.

The facility has many years of experience within the area of repairs pertaining the subject of service and, thanks to the acquired experience, and the specialized technological stream, it provides a high level of quality and safety, when it comes to the repaired equipment.

The Integrated KTSAwp ICT nodes of the Jaśmin suite are being used by the Army in two varietiescontainer-based version and a portable one. The modernization is going to, most probably, cover both of the variants above. This is not going to be the first order of this type awarded to the Teldat company. Back in 2015, commander of the 1st Regional Logistics Base, concluded an agreement with that company (283/2015 on 1st October 2015), pertaining “Modification of the Jaśmin Suite”.

It should be recalled that the Integrated KTSAwp ICT Node of the Jaśmin suite has been developed by the Teldat company in collaboration with the US-based CISCO Corporation. Its purpose is to create IP-based IT networks, protecting the transmitted voice, visual data and other information. However, a single integrated ICT node of the type above, makes it possible for the user to create several independent ICT networks (covert and public ones)