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Polish Beryl Carbines sold to Nigeria by the Radom Łucznik Company

Łucznik-Radom Firearms Factory [Fabryka Broni Łucznik-Radom] will supply a batch of 1000 Beryl M762 7,62 mm Carbines to the Nigerian Armed Forces. The weaponry is to be used, among other purposes, for counter-terrorism tasks and by soldiers taking part in peacekeeping operations.

Scope of the agreement implemented by the Radom-based company includes delivery of 1000 examples of the firearms, along with the maintenance kits and training bundle for the soldiers of the Nigerian Land Forces. The carbines are to be transferred to Nigeria in mid-January 2015.

At the moment, Nigerian Army soldiers participate in a training programme in Radom. The Łucznik facility press services stress the fact that the contract has been preceded with a series of successful test programme that checked the capabilities of the carbine.

Another contract is planned to be signed – this time a batch of 5000 Beryl carbines is to be delivered to Nigeria. The firearms which are the subject of the present contract will be used as a counter-terrorism measure. The weaponry will also be transferred to the peacekeeping forces.

In accordance with the information provided by the Łucznik company, this is the first time ever Beryl carbines have been sold outside the Polish Borders. President Tomasz Nita claims that “commercial activities, in country and abroad” are being realized, and the manufactured armament will be offered to other armed forces as well.