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Polish Engineers Develop a New Variant of the BMS Suite

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Polish engineers have developed the latest variant of the BMS JAŚMIN [JASMINE] battlefield management suite, which is a complex net-centric battle management system operated at the battalion, company, platoon and squad levels. The suite is being offered for the Polish Armed Forces as a system which has been developed domestically, and probably it is the only package of that generation available on the global market – as Adam Dynasiński, MSc. Eng., TELDAT’s Spokesman, states.

Despite the fact that since a long time now, our industry has been offering a Battle Management System, along with a proper hardware and software package, still such solution has not been available at the tactical level. The above means that the Polish Army has no modern, integrated and effective ICT tool at its disposal, which could offer support for the operational activities – also in the allied dimension. Such system would be, hence, highly desirable.

It seems that the above may be a result of lack of consistency, within the scope of implementation of automated and unified battle management systems at every level of the chain of command and operations, with those systems tasked with integration of other (also allied) solutions in the areas of, inter alia, battle management, reconnaissance, fire control, command support, etc. The need of being in possession of the state of the art military-grade mobile and widely spread ICT solutions remains a burning issue for numerous commanders, including the commanders of command and combat vehicles, and other platforms, who, until recently, had no insight in the battlefield situation as such at their disposal.

There is no stream of real time visualization of battlefield situation available, with the above referring to data on the current positioning of the forces, obtained from recce operations, as well as to the data on the issues pertaining to the battle logistics. Secondly, no possibility exists to rapidly, remotely and widely disseminate the orders for the subordinated units. These factors, without any doubts, do not raise the level of operational effectiveness and safety for the combat units. And one should remember that safety and operational effectiveness, modern equipment and its effective operational integration with the use of the military IT solutions, effective data links at the operational and tactical level, as well as inter-operational profile of the systems utilized, remain at the peak of the relevance ladder.

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The Only Working National Product

BMS JAŚMIN [Jasmine] system, of the latest generation remains the only Polish, and at least one of a few and internationally recognized, solution to the above listed problems, which at the same time meets the requirements in question. This innovative specialized battle management system has been designed for utilization at the battalion, company, platoon and squad level, and may also be applied when structuring modern, complex onboard command, communications and operational support suites of tactical class. It is dedicated to be used in case of vehicles, vessels and their crews, as well as by the military aircraft. It may be also used in mobile applications by the uniformed services of any kind, after it is properly tailored to their specific needs.

JAŚMIN BMS has been developed for more than 10 years now, by the largest and most specialized and most experienced team of engineers of the Bydgoszcz-based TELDAT company. In many cases the team was the only national team which, in a broad, costly and time-consuming manner verified and developed its expertise and products, within numerous, important foreign military initiatives. The product in question has been and is, in an ongoing manner, being tailored functionally and technologically to meet the increasing military needs, primarily, of the Polish Army. Thus, the current variant of the suite has been based on ICT systems that are even more efficient and reliable, as well as the latest BMS C3IS JAŚMIN [JASMINE] software, supporting the command and operational processes in the army.

Image Credit: TELDAT

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Credibly and Multi-Dimensionally Verified – Numerous Operational Testimonials

For many years, the said system has been undergoing complex testing in an inter-operational environment during a number of multinational exercises organized by the US Army (Combined Endeavor, Bold Quest) and NATO (NATO CWID and NATO CWIX). JASMINE BMS has been utilized within the aforesaid initiatives more than once, as the only Polish solution, as well as the only vehicular one, which underwent testing in a mobile setting. Moreover, the fact that tests (also the mobile ones) carried out back in 2010 during the domestic Aster and Borsuk operations, have proven that the TELDAT BMS solution, at the time, as the only system of this class, was meeting all of the requirements issued by the Polish Army, which has also been documented by the results of the aforesaid process and opinions issued within that scope by the Polish Ministry of Defence. Moreover, one of the most important advantages of the solution is seen in many years of use of the said system by the ASzWoj (War Studies University, formerly known as National Defence University of Warsaw) and by the Military University of Technology, within the scope of implementation of teaching and research (also during a series of military exercises). On the basis of the experience gathered, BMS JAŚMIN system could have been and is being dynamically developed. The War Studies University has endorsed and issued a positive operational opinion on the system in question.

Image Credit: TELDAT

Modular Structure: Wide Array of Innovative Capabilities

The latest variant of the JAŚMIN BMS suite includes an advanced NATO-certified command software, which forms the core of the system, complemented with specialized military hardware tailored to host the aforesaid software. Both elements are characterized by, above all, innovative capabilities, optimized dimensions, high efficacy and increased resistance to mechanical damage and to the elements, in compliance with the defence norms remaining in force within the said scope. The main components of the aforesaid solution include elements as follows:

  • BMS CI3S JAŚMIN[JASMINE] BMS Suite Software, providing the user with relevant support within the scope of commanding the subordinated units, their operations and cooperation, e.g. through effective and verified cooperation and automatic data exchange with the systems that support the command and control processes at the higher level (such as the  HMS JAŚMIN suite utilized within the Polish Armed Forces, used to manage the battle at the Corps, Division and Brigade levels), as well as at the lower level (the role of which is played e.g. by the DSS JAŚMIN solution, which is a battle management system applied at the level of the individual soldiers). Moreover, the software in question also makes it possible to attain information advantage at the tactical level, which translates into creation and relevant expansion of the situational awareness of the units and forces, and into increased level of safety for those units, e.g. through provision of immediately available and effectively distributed threat assessment data. C3IS JAŚMIN [JASMINE] also ensures that ongoing tactical visualization of the tactical situation remains available, with Blue Force Tracking option implemented, down to the level of the individual soldier, and in line with the NATO standards;

  • WAN Access Box (WAB) integratoronboard ICT node, acting as a modern, efficient, mobile, multi-service ICT infrastructure designed in line with the IPv6 standard, at the same time providing effective support for internal communications within the vehicle. Beyond that, the said element also integrates numerous services, also within the scope of command support, and network hardware, with all of the means of communications available within the vehicle, also with a reference to data transmitting media, sensors, effectors and end nodes;

  • T12” Computerized Tactical Terminal which is, primarily due to its parameters, one of the most modern and damage resistant mobile (portable or vehicular) tactical computers remaining in existence, designed for the end users of the JAŚMIN BMS, also for the purpose of controlling and handling the BMS C3IS JAŚMIN [JASMINE] software suite. This solution, similarly as any other of the solutions and components of the system discussed within the present material, is the first and only solution of this type in Poland, and it cannot be ruled out that it is the best one in the world;

  • VIS Terminals for the crew members, making it possible for them to carry out the internal vehicle communications in a modern manner. The innovative design of the device, fusing the advantages offered by PDAs and smartphones, also allows the user to work outside the vehicle through WiFi network or through integration with the personal radio. Should a need arise, the system also makes it possible to handle the dedicated BMS C3IS JAŚMIN [JASMINE] terminal software suite.

Image Credit: TELDAT

One of the unique and important advantages of the JAŚMIN system is seen in its ability of being integrated with other elements of the command chain. Thanks to the wide array of inter-operational abilities and standards implemented within the system, it is capable of being utilized in conjunction with numerous domestic and allied command, reconnaissance, surveillance, air defence, battle means control, fire support and training and simulation solutions.

Awarded Solution

BMS JAŚMIN suite, including its software and hardware elements, has received 11 awards and distinctions, as the only solution of this class, during numerous fairs, expos and competitions:

  • In 2016, by the Polish Ministry of Defence in the Innowacje dla SZRP [Innovations for the Polish Armed Forces] competition;

  • Within the subsequent editions of the MSPO International Defence Exhibition - award from the President of Poland and 5 Defender statuettes;

  • 3 awards received during the AIR FAIR exhibitions;

  • Symbol Innowacji 2015 distinction, as a relevant component of the whole JAŚMIN platform described above, also referred to as the system of the systems, which remains the only suite consisting of so many unified and specialized military IT solutions, both in Poland, as well as all around the world.

Image Credit: TELDAT


JAŚMIN BMS is a ready-made solution which has no competition, and which has been, for many years, available within the coherent and complex offer of the TELDAT company. The said offer is being appreciated and is an object of interest for many armies. Maybe we could consider Poles to make use of this first, 100% own, BMS design?

BMS JAŚMIN [JASMINE] is the latest generation battlefield management system, which is a complex net-centric battle management suite operated at the battalion, company, platoon and squad levels. It supports and automates the command processes, offering a relevant degree of assistance for the military operations. It is the first and only Polish C4ISR class product which, for many years now, has been ready to be globally utilized by the Army, and which has been, in a continuous manner, developed on the basis of the state of the art technologies and international standards. Its primary feature is seen in the ability of being rapidly and easily integrated and/or expanded with systems of this class at higher and lower levels, as it comes from an unified military IT product family, included within the JAŚMIN [JASMINE] net-centric IT platform. A great number of the derived products has been, now, successfully, operated within the Polish Army. Numerous leading armies hailing from all around the world have now been waiting for a long time, for such universal and cohesive systems to be developed, and - as the brave plans suggest - they may receive such systems as late as in a few years.


Adam Dynasiński MSc. Eng., Spokesperson for the TELDAT company