Polish Government Protection Bureau Acquires 20 VIP Cars

Government Protection Bureau of Poland has finalized a tender, pertaining the cars which will be used to realize the VIP transport tasks. PLN 8 million is going to be used to acquire 20 luxurious cars, manufactured by Audi.

Government Protection Bureau announced that the tender, the aim of which is to acquire 20 cars which are going to be utilized for the VIP transport purposes, has been finalized. Results were published on the Bureau’s website. Porsche Inter Auto Polska company from Warsaw was selected in the tendering procedure – its offer has achieved 88.33 points. The price is contained in an amount of PLN 8,149,990.80. This means that procurement of a single vehicle will be covered with a sum of ca. 400 thousand zlotys. The competitor – Zeszuta company – achieved a higher rating of the guarantee conditions. However this company offered a higher price. Zeszuta’s offer achieved a rating of 79.27 points. The assessment was based on the price (weight of 80) and guarantee (weight of 20) parameters.

The Warsaw based bidder works within the area of sales, pertaining the Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen and Skoda vehicles, while the Zeszuta company creates special layouts and deals the Mercedes cars.

Polish Government Protection Bureau presented a very precise set of conditions related to the offered vehicles. The limousines were to be at least 5.2 meters long, with a 3.1 m wheelbase. Cars were to be fitted with a petrol engine with power output of at least 408 horsepower. Moreover, they were also expected to be fitted with all-wheel-drive and automatic gearbox, with an option of changing the gears manually. The additional equipment required by the service included a multimedia system with TV and a DVD player, beverage cooler and leather seats.

The tender was announced on 16th January, prior to the incident involving the president’s car, so widely discussed by the Polish media. The units of the Polish Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration are currently getting ready for the NATO summit in Warsaw and for the World Youth Days, which will create a burden for the services, for a certain period of time. The fact that the tender was finalized was first reported by the Polish RMF FM radio.