Special Operations Forces

Polish GROM Special Forces Unit Acquires Multiple Grenade Launchers

  • Fot. Visviva/Wikipedia Commons
    Fot. Visviva/Wikipedia Commons

Polish GROM Special Forces unit announced a procurement procedure, the goal of which is to acquire 40 mm multiple grenade launchers. 23rd December 2017 has been set as the delivery deadline.

The Ordering Party invites any contractor who is not excluded and meets the conditions of being involved in the procedure (also by having a quality assurance system implemented, complying at least with the NATO AQAP 2130 standard), with maximally 5 contractors expected to be involved in the tender.

The final request placing deadline, related to the requests through which the potential contractors could ask for being included in the proceedings, expires on 30th November this year, while the equipment is expected to be delivered before 23rd December.

Due to the unit’s profile, and its classification within the Special Forces, the detailed description of the subject of the order and related terms of reference will only be disclosed to the entities which are going to be accepted as the potential contractors. Quantity of the launchers to be acquired also remains confidential.

ZM Tarnów facility, which is a part of the Polish Armament Group, is one of the companies which has multiple grenade launchers contained within its offer. RGP-40 systems have been contracted this year, and they will be delivered for the Polish Army.