Armed Forces

Polish Industry Creates Lower Level of the Polish Shield

The Polish Armed Forces are in the middle of the procedure which aims at acquisition of very short range anti-aircraft systems and radar stations. The procedure is to deeply involve the Polish Arms Industry.

According to the information transferred by Col. Adam Duda from the Armament Inspectorate, during the meeting of the parliamentary sub-commision dealing with the arms industry and technical modernisation of the Armed Forces, the Polish Army is to procure very short range anti-aircraft systems and radar stations. All that will happen with the use of the national arms industry capabilities. The activities discussed are related, above all, to the Grom missiles and launchers and Poprad and Pilica systems and radar stations.

The Polish Army plans to purchase 79 self-propelled Poprad anti-aircraft systems in total. These, according to the information available, will be equipped with Grom/Piorun missile launchers, along with electro-optical fire-control system based on wheeled vehicles. Currently additional acceptance-hand-off tests are being carried out. The final contract is to be signed next year.

In-depth modernisation of the Grom system is also planned within the Piorun programme. The development works are planned to be completed in 2015, supply of the new missiles is to take place two years later. In its basic assumptions, Piorun system is to be able to destroy future measures of air attack, including UAV’s and precise munitions. According to the document which outlines the schedule of the technical modernisation - “Armed Forces  Technical Modernisation Plan for the period between 2013 – 2022”, over 400 missiles are to be procured until 2022.

Ministry of Defence is also in the middle of proceedings aiming at acquisition of a short range anti-aircraft artillery-missile system called Pilica. Assessment has been made within the scope of the basic national security interest. Development works have been partially state-financed. Pilica systems will consist of ZUR-23-2SP Jodek system coupled with aerial target detection and tracking devices and computerized command station. Within the first half of the next year the contract is to be signed, while the first 6 systems will be delivered in the period between 2016 and 2019.

The Polish Army also acquires mobile short range radar stations known as Soła and Bystra. The contract for delivery of the first type of radar has been concluded in 2013. According to the document which defines the schedule of the technical modernisation - “Armed Forces  Technical Modernisation Plan for the period between 2013 – 2022” - until the end of November 2015 Polish Army is to receive, in total, 6 radar stations, including 2 which will be delivered this year. Col. Adam Duda claims that the development works on Bystra radars is also going to be completed and 19 such radars will be delivered within the period between 2017 and 2022.