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Polish MiG-29 Fighters will be Stationed in Lithuania

  • Fot. CBK PAN via Facebook

Polish Air Force MiG-29 fighters will be stationed in Lithuania. They will be a part of the Baltic Air Policing Mission until April this year.

Polish MiG-29 fighters will be stationed in the Šiauliai Airbase, along with Italian Typhoons, pilots of which, for the first time in history, will be in charge of the Baltic Air Policing operations. Airspace of the Baltic states will also be protected by the Eurofighters from Spain. These have already been stationed in the Ämari Airbase, in Estonia.

According to the NATO press services, Belgian F-16 fighters, which would additionally support the operations related to Baltic Air Policing will deploy to the Malbork Airbase in Poland. They are going to replace the Dutch aircraft of the same type, which have been serving within the scope of the aforementioned operation, operating from the 22nd Tactical Airbase in Malbork. 4 MiG-29 fighters are to take part in the Polish operations in Lithuania.

NATO decided on reinforcement of the  Baltic Air Policing in the light of the Ukrainian crisis. Šiauliai detachment has been reinforced, and additional aircraft that are monitoring the safety in the Baltic countries airspace have been stationed in the Estonian Ämari and the Polish Malbork Air Force Bases. Polish MiG-29 that are currently participating in the Baltic Air Policing have been selected from the aircraft which are usually stationed in the Polish Air Force 23rd AB in Minsk Mazowiecki.