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Polish Military Takes Delivery of Upgraded Odra Radar

Image Credit: PIT-RADWAR
Image Credit: PIT-RADWAR

The first upgraded TRS-15M 3D medium-range radar has been handed off to the Polish military in March.

The handoff took place, based on the agreement signed on 4th September 2018, by and between the PIT-RADWAR S.A. company, and the Armament Inspectorate of the Polish MoD, with regard to delivery of 11 modernized TRS-15M 3D S-band radars with 4 KZS-15 remote control consoles and a logistics support package. The contract has a value of more than 500 million zlotys.

TRS-15M “Odra” radar has been designed to be a part of the IADS, as a source of radar data for the C2 system. TRS-15M radars can detect objects at distances exceeding 200 kilometers and flying at altitudes of up to 30 kilometers. Then can track at least 120 objects at once. The radar has been fitted with an antenna array on an extendible mast. This boosts its capacity to detect and track low-flying threats. TRS-15M radars have been fitted with ISZ-50 Mark XIIA IFF interrogators, providing them with IFF mode 5 capability.

The system is delivered based on highly mobile JELCZ P662D.43 M62 and P882D.43 M64 trucks. The legacy TRS-15 radars usually used Tatra vehicles as the base platform. This has not applied to the TRS-15C radar operated by the Naval Missile Unit - it has been installed on a Jelcz vehicle. 

TRS-15 and TRS-15M mobile radars are used as a gap filler, providing radar coverage where it is not available. Thanks to the above, the use of the aforesaid radars relevantly improves situational awareness with regard to the air picture. Due to their mobility, they could be especially valuable in crisis circumstances.