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Polish Minister of Defence: VIP Jets Agreement To Be Signed Until The End of This Year

  • Fot. Kim Hansen / Flickr
    Fot. Kim Hansen / Flickr

Polish Minister of Defence, Tomasz Siemoniak, stated in his interview for the First Polish Radio Programme, that the contract related to acquisition of two VIP aircraft for the government is to be signed until the end of this year.

The Minister of Defence stressed, during the Rozmowa Dnia [“Conversation of the Day”] radio programme broadcast by the First channel of the Polish Radio, that acquisition of these jets constitutes an element of the plan, the aim of which is to raise the level of national security. Primarily, it is planned to acquire two examples of a small aircraft which would be capable of making transatlantic journeys.

(...)I expect that within the upcoming weeks the tender specs would be published, while the agreement and all the related issues are settled until the end of this year.

Tomasz Siemoniak in his interview for the 1st Polish Radio Programme

The first public information, pertaining to procurement of the VIP aircraft, within the scope of bolstering the national security, was released in December last year. The planes which were to be procured were to be capable of carrying 12 – 14 persons. They also were to be able to conduct journeys across the Atlantic, along with 8 passengers and their luggage on board.

Contrary to the current status – the HEAD flights are basically chartered -  the new jets are to be piloted, serviced and maintained by the military. Being equipped with a proper data encryption and communication system, the new jets would probably be capable to act as crisis command and control centres for the Polish authorities.

Siemoniak also confirmed that the recommendations regarding the Wisła air defence system is to be provided in April this year. Czesław Mroczek, MoD’s Secretary of State, had also stated that decisions regarding the Wisła programme are to be undertaken this month.