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Polish Ministry of Defence: Helicopters for the SAR Service and Special Operations Component to be Procured in 2017

Polish Ministry of Defence announced that procurement of the first helicopters which would be received by the Special Forces and by the SAR component of the Navy is to take place in 2017. It was also noted that the modernization budget for the year 2016 is going to be utilized in full.

Beata Perkowska, Deputy Director of the Polish Ministry of Defence Centre of Operations stated that “initial talks” are in progress, involving three helicopter suppliers. Within the release issued by the Ministry she noted that, in line with the assumptions made by the  MoD, the first helicopters which would be destined to operate within the SAR and Special Operations components, are expected to be delivered next year.

Before that, Antoni Macierewicz, Minister of Defence, had already announced that “proposals” pertaining to the helicopters acquired within the “urgent operational requirement” procedure are to be submitted before 28th October. The talks involve Mielec and Świdnik based facilities, and the Airbus Helicopters company as well. Most probably, the negotiation in question concerns several rotor-craft destined to be used by the Special Forces, and helicopters which would be operated as the SAR asset.

Perkowska assured that the talks are “completely transparent”, and that the bidders would be treated with “equality”. She also noted that creation of a helicopter servicing centre in Łódź is one of the conditions which need to be met, in order to sign the agreement.

Beata Perkowska, in the issued release, also referred to the information pertaining to implementation of the MoD’s budget. She stated that this fiscal year, “for the first time since many years”, would be a year during which the expenditure would be completed in full. This is shown by the data resulting from contracts which have already been signed, or from contracts that have reached the finalization stage.