Polish Ministry of Defence: New ATGM For The Polish Army

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Polish Armed Forces plan to introduce a new anti-tank guided missile into their inventory, to complement the Spike-LR systems which are being used by the Army at the moment. 

As we were informed by the Spokesman for the Polish Ministry of Defence, Bartłomiej Misiewicz, the Polish Army is planning to introduce a new type of an ATGM into its inventory, starting from the year 2019. The new system will be operated aside the currently used Spike-LR missiles, and its performance is expected to be enhanced, in comparison with the Israeli Spike system. Nonetheless, details pertaining to that issue remain confidential.

The Polish Armed Forces expect a new ATGM, with better tactical and technical features, to be implemented starting from 2019. Detailed information is confidential.

Spokesman for the Polish Ministry of Defence, Bartłomiej Misiewicz.

At the moment, it is hard to assess which anti tank missiles would be received by the Polish Army. Potentially, acquisition of a “heavy” ATGM may be considered, above all for the attack helicopters. Lighter systems may also be taken into account, in order to equip the Territorial Defence units. Mesko facility is realizing a project, the aim of which is to develop a laser guided Pirat missile, in collaboration with the Ukrainian industry; according to the available information, the missile is to have a range of 2.5 kilometers and armour penetration capability estimated as 550 millimeters. According to the basic assumptions, these missiles were to be a complement for the Spike-LR missiles which have an ability to strike the targets from their front or upper side, with a range of 4 kilometers, guided with the use of fibre-optics and twin-thermal vision/visible light spectrum guidance system.