Polish Ministry of Defence Releases Information Concerning the Helicopter Procurement

Image Credit: Pvt. Agnieszka Grzelak
Image Credit: Pvt. Agnieszka Grzelak

Polish Ministry of Defence announced that the deadline for placing the helicopter offers, concerning the rotary-winged aircraft for the Special Forces and for the Polish Navy, has been extended until 27th March, with the intention of maintaining full scope of competitiveness within the said procurement procedure, in line with a request made by one of the bidders.

According to Katarzyna Jakubowska of the Polish Ministry of Defence Centre for Operations, the submission of a request to have the deadline extended has been made by one of the bidders. On the basis of the aforesaid request, the Armament Inspectorate expressed its consent to extend the offer placing deadline until 27th March.

In order to maintain full competitiveness of the procurement procedure in question, the Inspectorate decided not to have the said bidder, who was claiming that he would not be able to prepare the offer on time, before the deadline of 13th March this year, excluded.

Katarzyna Jakubowska, Polish Ministry of Defence Centre for Operations

Within the release issued by the Polish Ministry of Defence, it is stressed that it was the Inspectorate’s intent to maintain full competitiveness of the procurement procedure, while the aforesaid bidder has made his submission on the basis of inability to prepare the relevant offer before the original deadline of 13th March.

Polish Ministry of Defence assures that prolonged submission deadline will have no impact on procurement of the equipment for the Polish Armed Forces, especially in case of the helicopters that are destined to be used in order to train the crews.

The Ministry of Defence also announced that the procurement procedure mentioned here is expected to be carried out with a reference to delivery of 16 helicopters, eight destined to be used as a CSAR platform – for the Special Forces, and another eight ASW/SAR helicopters for the Polish Navy.