Territorial Defence Forces

Polish National Reserve Forces to be Treated As Independent Formations

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Head of the Polish National Security Bureau, General Stanisław Koziej, has stated a critical opinion regarding the National Reserve Forces. He also presented his own vision of the future of the NRF.

„Since some time now, there have been numerous attempts to reach a consensus in the government, within the academia, in the National Security Bureau, regarding the transformation of the National Reserve Forces into territorial formations. Today, individual soldiers of the Reserve Forces are assigned to random combat units, which is a poor implementation of an idea which seemed to be right some time ago. We want to go back, to an idea of the NRF treated as independent formations. Many arrangements have been made, together with the Ministry of Defence, and specific options, aim of which would be to act in that direction, will probably be developed soon.

Stanisław Koziej

The whole statement has been formed in a response to MEP Dorn, who requested the clarification regarding the contents of section 119 of the  “National Security Strategy of the Republic of Poland”, which reads as follows:

The way the National Reserve Forces function needs to be reformed. These units should become integrated, they should make it possible to realistically reinforce and complement the operational capabilities, both within the scope of reacting to the local crisis situations, as well as in conditions, when they are being used within the scope of the state defensive operations. The change in question shall be connected to a wider reform of the way in which the mobilization reserves are being prepared along with the process of creating of common territorial security system.