Polish Night Vision Devices for the Asian Counterterrorist Units

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PCO S.A. company, being a part of the Polish Armaments Group, has delivered more than 100 individual night vision devices for one of the countries of the South-East Asia. They will be used by a Police counter-terrorism unit.

The deliveries of the night vision systems for the aforesaid counter-terrorism units have come to an end in December last year. The whole package included more than 100 devices. Nonetheless, the release issued by the company did not disclose the country which decided to acquire the Polish night vision systems.

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This is yet another delivery of the PCO S.A.’s product for the same user. Last month, a relevant agreement has been signed, covering the equipment for the Polish Army, including the Land Forces and the Territorial Defence units. The said package comprises of night vision goggles and monoculars, infra-red devices and thermal vision binoculars.

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The value of the aforesaid contract exceeds the amount of PLN 352 million, while the deliveries are expected to take place in the period between 2017 and 2019. PCO S.A. company has, at the end of 2016, also received an order including delivery of the MU-3M Koliber night vision monoculars for the Polish Police. Ukraine is also one of the export users of the PCO S.A.’s products, including the PNL-3M “Orlik” aviation night vision goggles.