Territorial Defence Forces

Polish Soldier Dies in Afghanistan

  • Test rakiety balistycznej Minuteman III w 2013 roku. Fot. Airman 1st Class Yvonne Morales/US Air Force

Polish Operational Command of the Types of Armed Forces has informed that one of the Polish soldiers was killed in Afghanistan.

On September 16. 2014, ca. 5.45 CET, a Polish soldier, Platoon Leader (rank equivalent of Corporal) Rafał Celebudzki, died in a suicide bomb attack.

The event took place on a street in Kabul during a convoying mission executed by the Coalition Forces. The suicide bomber detonated a car-bomb near the moving column of vehicles. Rafał Celebudzki, Platoon Leader, who was one of the drivers, died in the attack.

Other two Polish soldiers were wounded. Their health status is not endangered.

Rafał Celebudzki is 44th victim of the Afghanistan deployment. The soldier has been serving during the last, 15th shift of the Polish contingency in Afghanistan.