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Polish soldiers at the exercise in Ukraine

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According to the plan of international cooperation of MOD for 2014 soldiers of 25th Air Cavalry Brigade will participate in exercise „RAPID TRIDENT 14” at the training range Jaworów near Lviv in western Ukraine, conducted from 13 to 26 September.

35 Polish soldiers together with soldiers from among others United States, Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Spain, Estonia, Great Britain, Germany, Lithuania and Norway will participate in the exercise.

During the first week training within conducting operations cordon and search, patrolling, medical evacuation procedures, detecting and countering IEDs as well as convoying will take place.

In the second week of the exercise Polish soldiers will join the certified Ukrainian battalion. During common training soldiers will be using US simulation-training device MILES.

On September 19th DV Day, organised by Ukraine will be held.

Soldiers from 25th Air Cavalry Brigade many times participated in exercises with Ukrainian soldiers and soldiers from other states on the territory of Ukraine and Poland within exercises "KOZACKI STEP" and "RAPID TRIDENT".