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Polish Special Forces Received MRAP Vehicles from the United States

  • Z przedstawicielami Luksemburga spotkał się Chris Lewicki, CEO Planetary Resources, fot. Jean-Christophe Verhaegen /

45 mine-resistant MRAP M-ATV vehicles, supplied by the US, were handed-off for the Polish Special Forces in Cracow.

The Polish Special Forces received 45 M-ATV vehicles. The hand-off ceremony took place in Cracow and the US Ambassador in Poland Stephen D. Mull participated in that event.

Delivery of the MRAP vehicles is being carried out within the framework of the Excess Defense Articles programme, the standard way that the U.S. military gives leftover equipment to allies. Earlier Poland had received Oliver Hazard Perry vessels or C-130 Hercules transport planes in that way. 

The donation is related to the fact that the Americans have excess of the MRAP vehicles at their disposal, after the Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom operations have come to an end. MRAP vehicles have been donated to other allies, including e.g. Croatia and Iraqi and Kurdish forces fighting against the ISIS terrorists.

MRAP All-Terrain Vehicles are still being used by the US Armed Forces, and are a subject of modernizations, which are needed by the US Army. These vehicles are significantly more mobile than the previous generation of  MRAPs. They may be used as an armament platform, making it possible to utilize e.g. the TOW ATGW’s. Not so long ago, tests have been carried out, with an M-ATV fitted with a remotely controlled gun turret, featuring an M230LF 30 mm cannon, which is quite similar to the weapons used by the Apache helicopters.