Polish Tryton 35 mm Gun Ready For Sea Trials

Polish-made Tryton 35 mm cannon has been installed onboard the ORP Kaszub (240) corvette. The relevant works were carried out by the Remontowa Shipbuilding S.A. company. This makes it possible to begin a sea trials programme, with involvement of this type of armament.

Works on the maritime 35 mm weapons system are being implemented within the framework of a development project known under the following name: “35 mm automatic naval KDA cannon, with a fire control system embedded within the ship, using an integrated ZGS-158 naval tracking system with a fire control station”. The initiative is being co-financed by the National Centre for Research and Development, and it is being implemented by a consortium, consisting of the following entities: Military University of Technology (leader), PIT-RADWAR S.A., Zakłady Mechanical Tarnów S.A., along with the Polish Naval Academy.

Tryton 1
Image Credit. Andrzej Nitka/

Tryton cannon is to provide the ship with fire-power that could be used both against the maritime, as well as the airborne threats. Initially, it is going to act as the basic artillery armament for three 258 design Kormoran II class minehunters.
The prototype ORP Kormoran (601) minehunter will begin its operations with a ZU-23-2MR Wróbel II system (excluding the missile element), nonetheless this suite is expected to be replaced by the newly developed cannon.

In case of the vessels from the series production lot, the 35 mm artillery module is going to be installed as the default armament. If the sea trials are successful, the cannon will probably be fitted onto other vessels, planned to be acquired in the future, as well as those which are expected to be modernized.

Tryton 1
Fot. Andrzej Nitka/

The agreement with the National Centre for Research and Development, covering the development works pertaining to the cannon, has been signed on 19th December 2012. Initially, it was planned that implementation of the project would be finalized by 18th December 2015, however, ultimately, in the light of the fact that the technical documentation had to be accepted by the Remontowa Shipbuilding company who was acting as the leader of the consortium building the Kormoran II minehunter, the deadline was extended, until 18th September 2016. Total cost of the whole project is defined as PLN 38.6 million, where 34,354 million zlotys is the amount provided by the National Centre for Research and Development.
ORP Kaszub Corvette is going to act as the platform for sea trials.

In order to install the new cannon on the corvette, the stern ZU-23-2M Wróbel I 23 mm AAA system was removed, the superstructure deck was reinforced, and space for installation of a new cannon, along with the targeting ZGS-158M system and reserve fire control station (targeting device and fire control system) was arranged. After the sea trials come to an end, the new Tryton cannon is going to remain onboard the Kaszub corvette, which would be beneficial, in the light of the fact that lack of effective anti aircraft artillery is the most painful deficiency of that vessel.