Poprad VSHORAD Systems Sent to Suwalki Gap

Image Credit: 15GBZ
Image Credit: 15GBZ

The anti-aircraft squadron of the 15th “Giżycka” Mechanized Brigade, which is stationed near Suwalki Gap and is cooperating with the NATO eFP Battle Group, has just received three self-propelled Poprad VSHORAD systems delivered by PIT-RADWAR. Another six systems as such are expected to be received by the unit soon.

Delivery of three examples of Poprad self-propelled missile system preceded the Easter this year. These are the first modern systems of this kind received by the anti-aircraft squadron of the 15th “Giżycka” Mechanized Brigade. 9 Poprad systems should be received by the unit in total. The delivery has been carried out within the framework of the modernization of the Polish air defence system. The systems have been received by air defence regiments of all divisions. Currently, some of the brigades are going to be receiving the Poprads as well. Hence the deliveries completed with the 21st Highland Brigade and 15th “Giżycka” Mechanized Brigade in mind.

POPRAD is a VSHORAD SAM system that is destined to become a part of the lowest layer of the Integrated Air And Missile Defence. POPRAD has been designed to detect, recognize and destroy airborne targets at close distances and low altitudes with the use of short-range anti-aircraft missiles. The system is armed with 4 Grom or modernized Piorun VSHORAD missiles. The missiles are placed on a column mount installed within the cargo compartment of a Żubr vehicle that is extended when in a combat setting. 

'POPRAD systems have been fitted with optronic sensors, auto tracker system, IFF system and an advanced drive system for the tracking/targeting unit designed by the Polish military and allowing for a rapid and precise target interception. PIT-RADWAR is the manufacturer of the Poprad system. The company is a part of the PGZ Group.