President Duda Attends The V4 Group Exercise. “Cooperating in tough conditions”

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Andrzej Duda, the President of Poland, attended the so called VIP day at the Common Challenge-15 exercise yesterday. The operation constitutes an international readiness test of the European Union’s Visegrad Battle Group. During his visit, Duda noted the need of cooperation related to the armies of the countries of the region that work together, providing peace and stabilization to their citizens, thanks to the initiatives similar to the one mentioned above.

During the meeting with the soldiers involved in the Common Challenge-15 exercise, President Duda stated that the geopolitical threats placed in front of the region and our part of the world are obvious. The list also included terrorism, being a global threat which not only is currently a tactic used by the individuals or small groups, but also by whole armies.

President stressed the fact that the only way that makes it possible to provide peace and stabilization for the citizens, is to enhance the cooperation between the armed forces. President added - “Besides the obvious reasons related to friendship with our Slovak, Hungarian, Czech and Ukrainian partners, the above also concerns the skill of cooperating in tough conditions.”

Nowadays, not only may the terrorism be defined as acts performed by small organized groups - today, the whole armies fall within the meaning of that word. (...) Effectively operating armies are the only response we can offer, in order to get peace and stabilization for all of our citizens. Effective armies which cooperate, which are able to jointly carry out peacekeeping, humanitarian or stabilization operations.

Andrzej Duda, President of Poland

President Duda thanked the participants of the exercise, stating that he is hoping that this type of meetings and joint operations will have a positive impact on deepening the security and friendship – not only within the European Union, but also among the NATO member states. He also noted that he is convinced that collaboration of the friendly armies enhances the guaranties of security for the citizens of the states involved.

Common Challenge-15 is an international exercise taking place within the Drawsko Pomorskie range. The aim of the event is to certify the European Union Visegrad Battle Group. The exercise involves almost 2 thousand troops from Poland, mostly coming from the 12th Mechanized Brigade stationed in Stettin. Czech, Slovak and Hungarian soldiers, together with representatives of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, are all also taking part in the operation.

V4 Battle Group Command has been established in Cracow.