Pro Defense 2017: Jelcz Trucks - Not only for the Territorial Defence Units

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Jelcz facility, during the Ostróda-held Pro Defense 2017 event, has presented two 4×4 high mobility trucks belonging to the Jelcz 442.32 family. Moreover, Jelcz 862D.43 on an 8×6 chassis with a specialized Multilift MK IV bodywork is also a part of the stand. These vehicles are currently being operated by the Polish Armed Forces too.

The exhibition created by the Jelcz facility, belonging to the PGZ Group, above all includes two Jelcz 442.32 platforms with four- and six-person cabins. The short cabin variant is presented with a load-bed bodywork. Meanwhile, the vehicle in case of which the extended cabin has been applied, has been fitted with a frame for 10-ft containers. Both versions of the vehicle feature a 240 kW MTU 6R106TD21 EURO III engine and a nine-speed transmission.

This type of trucks has been contracted by the Polish Army back in the year 2014, with expected procurement of 910 examples. Currently, the Armament Inspectorate is planning to acquire another 500 Jelcz 442.32 vehicles. The relevant agreement was concluded in May, and it covers a guaranteed acquisition of 97 vehicles, with an option of extending the aforesaid quantity to 500 examples in total.

Jelcz 862D.43. Image Credit: J.Sabak

Jelcz 862D.43 is a special-purpose vehicle featuring a hook-based Multilift MK IV self-loading system. The platform has been designed to transport pallets or 20 ft. containers. The truck has been fitted with a standard 2-man cabin and a resting space. The 8×6 drive is coupled with a 16-speed transmission, from the IVECO FPT CURSOR 10 EURO III engine, with a power output of 316 kW.