Pro Defense: PGZ and I3TO Sign a Collaboration Agreement

  • Jak zwycięstwo Ivanishvilego wpłynie na dalsze losy spółki Sarmatia, której zadaniem jest stworzenie Eurazjatyckiego Korytarza Ropy Naftowej?- fot.
    Jak zwycięstwo Ivanishvilego wpłynie na dalsze losy spółki Sarmatia, której zadaniem jest stworzenie Eurazjatyckiego Korytarza Ropy Naftowej?- fot.

During the Pro Defense 2017 event held in Ostróda, Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa S.A. [Polish Armaments Group] and the Inspectorate for Implementation of Innovative Defence Technologies (I3TO) have signed a framework agreement on collaboration. 

Conclusion of the document means that cooperation would begin between the Polish Armaments Group and the I3TO Inspectorate, within the scope of innovative technological solutions that could potentially be used in the process of manufacturing armament and equipment for the Polish Armed Forces, as well as in case of the products already developed, meeting the criteria of being innovative. The framework collaboration agreement concerns, above all, the transfer of information and knowledge, within the sphere of the technologies that could be used by the Polish Armed Forces.

On the basis of the agreement signed in Ostróda, PGZ S.A. and I3TO would organize joint initiatives, the goal of which would be to keep the know-how of the aforesaid Parties up to date, within the domain of innovative military technologies used by the Polish Army.

Providing the Armed Forces with armament and hardware utilizing the latest and the most innovative technologies remains one of the primary goals for the Polish Armaments Group. However, to meet that objective, effective dialogue and efficient collaboration are required between the industry and the military. The agreement we have just signed is going to make it possible to integrate the research and development works, carried out within the PGZ Group, with the requirements and expectations defined by the Armed Forces.

Błażej Wojnicz , President of the Board of the PGZ S.A. Company.

Polish Armaments Group, along with I3TO, are also going to collaborate with other entities operating in the area of industry, as well as with entities carrying out research and R&D works, the results of which may turn out to be useful for the defence industry and for the Armed Forces, referring, primarily, to the Academia, R&D facilities and research institutes. 

Collaboration established by and between the Polish Armaments Group and I3TO is a step in the right direction. The integration of the intellectual potential gathered in the Armed Forces and in the defence industry would create a situation in which the Polish soldiers would receive objectively better equipment and armament. This, undoubtedly, will have an impact on enhanced operational capabilities of the Army, and on the heightened level of national security. Thanks to the aforesaid agreement, a major intellectual, technological and design capital embedded within the Armed Forces and the defence industry, is going to be unleashed, creating real benefits.

Col. Sławomir Augustyn, PhD, Eng., Head of I3TO.

The framework agreement on collaboration also assumes that PGZ S.A. and I3TO would jointly pursue projects for EDA. The Parties would also cooperate within the scope of acquisition of European Union funding, provided by ESA and EDA.

The aforesaid agreement has been signed by and between Błażej Wojnicz, President of the Management Board at the PGZ S.A. company, Szczepan Ruman, Member of the Board of the PGZ S.A. company, as well as the Head of the I3TO, Col. Sławomir Augustyn, PhD, Eng.