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Remote Day-Night Observation Systems For The Polish Army

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The Armament Inspectorate has announced a tender regarding acquisition of 45 Day-Night Observation systems. The supplies are to be realized in the period between 2015 and 2017, and the offers may be placed until 30th March 2015.

This type of systems is being used to carry out reconnaissance and observation of given terrain with the use of remotely-controlled optoelectronic modules, in any weather conditions, at night and during the day. Terms of reference have not been disclosed, it should be expected that they would be provided solely to the parties qualified to be involved in the bid, however, the relevant technical requirements probably remain unchanged, in comparison with the 2012 profile of the optoelectronic devices which had been acquired back then.

According to those requirements, the Day-Night Observation System was to consist of a control station, in a form of a portable computer, at least four reconnaissance modules with infra-red-spectrum and visual-spectrum vision cameras, along with a wireless connection system featuring retransmission modules which would expand the range of observation. The whole system was to be portable and it is to make it possible to transmit and record visual data from separate modules. Each of the elements was to be capable of long operation, without any need to replace the power source. Observation  modules were to make it possible to identify human silhouettes at distances of up to 1000 meters.

The acquisition procedures are being realized as a limited tender, offers may be placed until 30th March 2015, maximum number of the bidders has been limited down to 10 offers. In order to be accepted for the tender, the bidders shall comply with the technical requirements of the request of the Armament Inspectorate. Should a larger number of offers be placed, the companies will be assessed on the basis of their experience in the field. Ratings will be made on foundation of price (80% of weight), and guarantee longer by 12 months from the required minimum (another 10%) and capability of the system to determine the geographical coordinates of the targets (positioning). The supplies are to be realized 24 months after the agreement is signed.