Representatives of the Ukrainian National Guard in Poland

Representatives of the Ukrainian National Guard have visited the Polish General Command of the Armed Forces.

According to the release issued by the Polish General Command, during their courtesy visit, representatives of the Ukrainian delegation, including Lt. General Mykola Balan (Deputy Commandant of the National Guard) and Col. Volodymyr Grabchak (Deputy Chief of the Fooreign Cooperation Department), have met the Deputy General Commander of the Polish Armed Forces, Division General, Pilot, Jan Śliwka.

Ukrainian National Guard component has been brought to life in March 2014, on the basis of the Internal Troops structure. The unit also includes some of the volunteer elements.

The National Guard units have played a significant role in the struggle against the pro-Russian forces in Donbas. These elements have been using BTR-4 wheeled APCs and T-64 and T-72 main battle tanks. The National Guard has also received a large quantity of Polish head gear and bulletproof vests manufactured by the Polish Maskpol company.