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Rosomak and Stryker APC’s Involved in an Exercise at the Polish Drawsko Firing Range

A training exercise, involving the elements of the Polish 12th Mechanized Brigade, equipped with Rosomak wheeled APC’s along with the US element which uses the Stryker APC’s, has been started at the Drawsko Pomorskie firing range –  as it has been reported by cpt. Janusz Błaszczak from the 12th Mechanized Brigade, which is stationed in Stettin.

American element equipped with the Stryker APC’s has been deployed to Poland in mid-January. Soon it is to be involved in its own training activities, and later that very element would be acting during a joint exercise with the units from the 1st Mechanized Infantry Battalion of the 12th Mechanized Brigade from Stettin – according to Błaszczak.

It is stressed that this training will be the first time ever, when the units of the Polish Army equipped with the Rosomak APC’s are going to be acting together, within the scope of a single operation, in a joint exercise with a US Army element equipped with the Stryker vehicles. The US unit comes from the 2nd Cavalry Regiment, which is stationed in the German town of Vilseck.

Rotational exercise of the US Forces, which involve the Stryker Detachment, is organized within the scope of the NATO operations related to the Ukrainian crisis. Elements of 173rd Airborne Brigade of the US Army and 1st Brigade of the 1st Cavalry Division had been stationed in Poland earlier on. The latter unit was a component of the NATO Response Force back in 2014.