Rosomak APC Receives Extra Protection: Slat Armour for the Polish Vehicle

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Rosomak S.A. company based in Siemianowice Śląskie will supply a Light Cover System, which is a slat armour package, for the wheeled Rosomak APC. The value of the contract is said to be 4.8 million zlotys.

The tender, the aim of which is to procure the LSO package (Lekki System Osłon – Light Cover System) for the Rosomak APC, with 18 sets in combat variant complemented with 2 repair bundles, covered altogether by the relevant agreement, has been announced by the 3rd Regional Logistics Base in July this year.

The tender involved only a single companyRosomak S.A (former WZM), also owning the license to manufacture the said APC. The company, on the basis of the agreement signed in November 2015, had made commitments to deliver 100 examples of the slat armour packages.

The deliveries of the new elements shall be finalized on absolute deadline of 30th November 2016.

The slat armour system for the Rosomak vehicle consists of a light frame, on which the QinetiQ Q-net armour kits are installed. Using this type of additional armour in case of the Rosomak IFV realistically improves the survivability of the vehicle, should it be attacked with an RPG-class grenade launchers. The armour disperses, blocks or moves away the coherence of the shaped charge’s energy beam.

It is worth to add that the LSO bundle shall also meet the requirements pertaining to options of being installed on the APC, should it be fitted with additional domestically (HSW) or abroad-made (Rafael) armour packages which are utilized by the manufacturer of the APC. QinetiQ net shall be painted with a green-colored coat.