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Rosomak APCs Deployed To Hohenfels – 700 Kilometres Covered To Reach The German Base

More than 120 soldiers and 20 military vehicles, including the Rosomak APCs, have been deployed from the Szczecin base of the 12th Mechanized Brigade to the US Army training centre located in the German town of Hohenfels – according to  cpt. Janusz Błaszczak, from the 12th Mechanized Brigade. The vehicles have been using the road transport.

A column of more than 20 vehicles, including 15 Rosomak Wheeled APC’s and 120 soldiers from the 3rd Company of the 1st Legion Battalion, commanded by cpt. Michał Kostrubiec, left the barracks on 7th April, early morning. Several hours, four stops and one refuelling operation later, the Rosomaks have finally reached the Hohenfels base.

The vehicles have covered – in total – almost 700 kilometres. They are going to be involved in an international training at the Hohenfels Joint Multi – National Readiness Center (JMRC). The soldiers of the Blue Brigade, within the scope of the preparations made in order to stay on alert as a part of the Visegrad Combat Group of the European Union, along with US, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Romanian and other European troops, are going to be involved in the “Saber Junction-15” exercise which is planned to last until the and of April, as it was stressed by cpt. Błaszczak

According to the US Army information, the Saber Junction exercise involves in total 4700 soldiers from 17 countries, both the NATO member states, such as the USA, the United Kingdom, Lithuania, Latvia, Turkey, Romania, as well as the partner nations – Moldavia, Sweden or Armenia. However, according to the available information, the German soldiers are not involved in the operational activities carried out at the Hohenfels centre.