Rosomak S.A. Company will Provide Support for the Międzyrzecz-Based Armoured Personnel Carriers

  • Lądownik Schiaparelli, fot. Airbus Defence and Space SAS 2014 A. Gilbert, ESA
    Lądownik Schiaparelli, fot. Airbus Defence and Space SAS 2014 A. Gilbert, ESA

45th Business Unit of the Polish Army announced that it has selected the company which is to carry out post-guarantee repair and maintenance works pertaining the Rosomak APCs. The announcement has an ex-ante profile. The ordered services will be carried out for the Miedzyrzecz-based 17th Mechanized Brigade.

45th Business Unit based in Wędrzyn informed that the supplier who is going to carry out the works related to post-guarantee and outside-guarantee repairs of the Rosomak wheeled APCs has been selected. The announcement has an ex-ante profile, which means that the accurate transaction amount is not known yet, however arrangements are being made at the moment, within the scope of the agreement details. The equipment which is going to undergo the repairs belongs to the Międzyrzecz-based 17th Mechanized Brigade of the Polish Army.

The order is going to be realized through a negotiation procedure, without prior disclosure/disclosure of the order announcement to the public, in line with Article 31 of the 2004/18/EC UE Directive, in case of a single-source procurement.

According to the information published in the Official Journal of the European Union, the aforementioned order is going too be realized by the Rosomak S.A. company, due to protection of its exclusive rights. Rosomak S.A. is the sole entity in possession of exclusive rights and license to manufacture, repair, sell spares and sell the vehicles themselves within the territory of Poland. The company also has a right to provide other post-sale maintenance services, covered within the subject of the above mentioned order.

Rosomak S.A. company manufactures and develops (thanks to the acquired license) the aforementioned armoured vehicles. Lately, the first delivery of an export example of the vehicle took place.

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